Mission Statement

“Nosce Temet” – Know Thyself


ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ (pronounced gnōthi sauton) is the Greek origins of our motto: “know thyself.” It is said to be inscripted onto the wall of the forecourt of Apollo’s temple at Delphi. It could be interpreted to infer the message that those seeking Apollo’s guidance needed to fist know themselves before they could fit that guidance to their own situations. Similarly, Socrates in his Plato Apology establishes that the most important knowledge to be pursued is self-knowledge. University is a time during which young adults have a chance to explore their curiosities and grow as a person. We consider our motto as a commitment to facilitating a welcoming environment for all of our students irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, race, creed or background to consider AUM as a place that fosters a love for learning. 


There is only one color present on the seal: Peacock Blue (“GAU Blue”) conveying a sense of elegance and integrity by which the university strives to deliver its operations and representing the affiliation with GAU as its founding institution. 


Mindful of its role and responsibility as an education institution, AUM’s mission is to become a leading private higher education institution in Moldova while promoting the principles of freedom, understanding, justice and human dignity through its teaching and research. AUM is committed being a bridge in establishing Western-model American-style higher education system that will expand the horizons of young women and men. 


American University of Moldova’s vision is to become a leading social science university in Moldova and in the Eastern European Region by forming international affiliations and strategic partnerships that will provide an international education experience to AUM students. It will strive to adopt a selective admissions criteria through which it will actively pursue the best and the brightest students in the region.