Accountancy is an information system which measures, processes and communicates financial information about an identifiable economic entity. This information allows users to make reasonable choices among alternative uses of scarce resources in the conduct of business and economic activities.

       The modern view of accounting is to regard it as a service activity; it is a link between business activities and decision-makers and the accountant must possess certain ethical qualities to live up to the high standards of the profession.

      In addition to possessing these ethical qualities, the potential accountant must enjoy working in an environment, which requires ambition, dedication and good analytical and communication skills. Therefore, Accounting Department prepares the students to the positions in accounting profession.The main objectives for the department of accounting is to be recognised as a leader in the accounting education and provide professional excellence while improving the efficiency of the accounting processes.

Our students can complete their internships in any organization that is related with accounting to improve their skills.

The Accounting program helps students to have a good career in accounting and related fields, and also helps them to work efficiently to solve any problems they can face as professional accountants and responsible citizens. Graduates of department of Accounting have many job opportunities and they can work at:

  • Financial affairs
  • Financial reporting
  • Treasury departments of national and international companies
  • Banks
  • Stockbrokers
  • Consultancy firms
  • Public accountan companies
  • Appraisal companies

Future start dates

September 2015
February 2016



Foundation and Degree level fees

Fees Fall - Spring 2015-2016


Moldovan Students  1000 Euro (+20% VAT)
International Students 2000 Euro (+20% VAT)
Application Fee 100 Euro


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1 + 4 year programme, divided into one year of Foundation studies and 4 years of BA (Hons) studies.

Registration Requirements


 Completed University Application Form

 A copy of the photo page of your International Passport.

 Completed Dormitory Application Form (if you intend to stay in the University accommodation)

 High School Diploma or equivalent recognized qualifications

 Evidence of Competence in the English Language. TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent if available. If you do not have these qualifications your proficiency in English will be tested upon arrival at the University, in accordance with the Foundation English School


AUM Accountancy Program Curriculum