Our mission at AUM Psychology is to equip students with skills that matter for their future careers based on the personal strengths and interests of the students. Psychology comes in two basic forms: research and applied. Psychology aims to understand scientifically how people develop, think and learn, feel and relate to one another. Psychology also aims to help solve problems that may arise in personal, inter-personal, group and organizational life. At AUM, we provide training for both branches of psychology. For our B.Sc. degree, our department offers a unique two track program depending on the undergraduate’s needs. After two years of foundational courses in psychology that build both research and applied skills, students who are more interested in research – and post-doctoral research-based degrees – take courses that lead to a final year research thesis. For those who want to take up a profession in an applied branch of psychology – such as clinical, forensic, educational or counselling psychology – courses are taken that develop the relevant skills and there is opportunity for an internship with a professional practice.


The AUM Psychology department offers three postgraduate studies: an MSc in Applied Social Psychology, an MSc in Health Psychology and MSc in Psychological Counselling and Guidance. The MSc in Applied Social Psychology has both general and forensic specializations.


Title of Graduates:


Students who completed four year undergraduate level will gain “psychologist”  title and the students who received master degree will be called “specialized psychologist” in the sub field of psychology which they choose to complete their M.S. degree.


Carreer Opportunities:


Beside mastery of the concepts, theory, and methods of psychology, research technique and psychological perspectives, four year Psychology program also provides basic understanding and empathy that characterizes the competent professional in psychology area. Therefore program provides a wide range of job opportunities.  Psychology graduates have a wide range of job opportunities; they can work at human resources departments, hospitals, psychology laboratuars, private clinics, industry, schools, prisons etc.  Additionally program equips students to be able to do and provides opportunity for master programs to be scientists, academicians in psychology area.

Future Start Dates

September 2015
February 2016


Foundation and Degree level fees:

Fees Fall - Spring 2015-2016

Moldovan Students  1000 Euro (+20% VAT)
International Students 2000 Euro (+20% VAT)
Application Fee 100 Euro


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1 + 4 year programme, divided into one year of Foundation studies and 4 years of BA (Hons) studies.

Registration Requirements


 Completed University Application Form

 A copy of the photo page of your International Passport.

 Completed Dormitory Application Form (if you intend to stay in the University accommodation)

 High School Diploma or equivalent recognized qualifications

 Evidence of Competence in the English Language. TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent if available. If you do not have these qualifications your proficiency in English will be tested upon arrival at the University, in accordance with the Foundation English School


AUM Psychology Program Curriculum